Industrial Repair and Warranty Management Services from THIS

industrial repair Industrial repair and warranty management services from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) help keep your costs low by maximizing the life of critical MRO tools. We can assist in analyzing your storeroom and facility to determine what warranty protection you currently have and manage all warranty services with OEMs and third parties. All these services are managed through a reliable partner capable of providing prompt, thorough industrial repair services that support our customers’ strategic cost-saving goals. In fact, our partner supplies a one-year warranty on all repairs providing further protection to your critical assets.

In addition to our warranty services, we can also arrange for a number of other industrial repair services through our strategic partners, including:

  • Calibration
  • Emergency equipment repairs
  • On-site parts management
  • Brokerage for legacy components and other hard-to-find parts
  • And more

These warranty and industrial repair services constitute just one of the many cost-saving services we provide for MRO programs. Using a comprehensive approach, we can optimize your inventory to ensure a reliable supply of the MRO products while maintaining the lowest cost of ownership for your business. THIS will also negotiate with tier one manufacturers and leading distributors to deliver cost-to-cost savings on your bottom line. We will even guarantee a savings up to 25 percent over the course of your contract, and can provide analysis based on verifiable data, which lets you clearly see the evolution of your MRO program towards your strategic goals.

To learn more about our industrial repair and warranty services, along with our other cost-saving MRO solutions, contact THIS today.