Commodity Management Services Available from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

Commodity management is a time consuming process for procurement and inventory professionals, but it can be more cost-effective and efficient with assistance from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS). Our inventory management solutions can help your business save money through a variety of programs, focused on reducing costs in your supply chain and enhancing your inventory of indirect materials, driving savings for your bottom line. This comprehensive approach to commodity management allows us to ensure that you have the lowest total cost of ownership on all your supplies.

We’re able to help our customers receive the lowest cost on their indirect materials by leveraging our relationships with a variety of procurement sources. THIS works directly with many tier-one manufacturers and also with regional and local distributors, which allows us to not only negotiate better deals but also keep prices more consistent for businesses operating multiple sites. Our company can benchmark MRO supplier performance as well, helping you to find partners capable of delivering the supplies you need on-time to prevent stock-out and just-in-time to reduce the total cost of ownership for indirect materials.

Once we’ve helped you find the best price on your MRO supplies through our procurement services, we offer a number of solutions to improve your internal inventory and asset management processes, including:

  • Vending solutions – State-of-the-art vending machines allow you to securely store consumables near their point of use and enforce access and quantity limits remotely to prevent hoarding, improving your direct commodity management capabilities
  • Industrial repair and warranty services – Help extend the life of critical tools and equipment to make better use of your budget
  • Inventory optimization – Downsize your inventory by stopping growth then using strategic disposition and burn-off to achieve a sustainable inventory levels with a low TCO

To find out more about commodity management and other supply chain services from THIS, contact us today.