Tool Cribs to Enhance On-Site Distribution Deployed by Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

tool cribsAutomated tool cribs and vending machines equipped with RFID technology are innovative solutions for businesses looking to save time though more strategic supply distribution and money through better inventory control. Traditionally, MRO products are contained within large storerooms which may be far from where tool management operations occur, but these industrial vending solutions allow sites to store and organize critical MRO products closer to where they are used, allowing your staff to operate more efficiently. At Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS), we offer best-in-class CribMaster automated tool cribs, giving clients a range of options that can be tailored to their unique MRO programs.

Benefits of these industrial vending machines and tool cribs include:

  • Integrated tracking software that can generate more than 170 reports
  • Easily scalable for larger operations
  • Configurable security levels
  • Integrated RFID tracking systems
  • Automated replenishment and dial-in supplier access
  • Multiple tool crib management on a single system

Along with tool crib systems, we offer traditional storeroom operation services and comprehensive inventory management solutions that can help you achieve your strategic MRO goals. THIS can develop a customized plan incorporating on-site inventory management professionals for larger sites and offsite transaction management support and e-procurement tools for small sites. When these services are incorporated as part of our Comprehensive Savings program, we can guarantee up to 25 percent savings over the course of your contract.

For more information on our tool cribs and other MRO solutions, contact THIS today.