Develop a Supply Chain Strategy with Support from the Experts at Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) can aid your business in developing an effective supply chain strategy to save on the costs of your indirect materials. We specialize in optimizing supply chains for global businesses, and can guarantee saving of up to 25 percent for your business. Our skilled team brings together 150 years of combined experience in fields such as procurement management, inventory optimization, storeroom operations, supply chain analysis and project implementation, allowing us to develop a comprehensive supply chain strategy that gets your business the supplies it needs for the lowest total cost of ownership.

THIS offers many supply inventory management services to reduce your supply chain costs, including:

  • Purchasing services – reducing the workload on your procurement team so they can pursue savings on raw materials
  • Supplier relationship management – using our relationships with tier-one manufacturers and other procurement sources to directly reduce the costs of supplies and optimize lead times to improve cash flow
  • E-procurement – creating an online catalog where your smallest sites can order a wide range of supplies at the same low prices we negotiate for your other locations
  • Warranty and repair management – extracting maximum value from your tools and equipment

Data is at the core of every supply chain and inventory management strategy we develop, ensuring that we’re targeting the areas where your business can improve the most. We can help your business to better organize and collect data through our data management services, allowing you to easily extract information. We’ll also provide effective tools for benchmarking, reporting and analytics, which can provide transparency into the cost of your supply chain and allow you to easily monitor the effectiveness of your saving initiatives.

For more information on developing an enhance supply chain strategy with THIS, contact us today.