Our Supply Chain Services Reduce MRO Costs for Global Businesses

When your business needs reliable supply chain services that can reduce the cost of indirect materials, turn to Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS). Key members of our team bring together more than 150 years of combined industry experience, which we use to identify, develop and implement effective cost-reduction projects for our clients. By strategically improving key elements in your MRO supply chain, we can deliver real savings to your bottom line.

Our comprehensive solutions incorporate a range of supply chain services, including:

  • Supply chain data management – We can structure and organize your data into a clear, useable format, so you can draw on it to strategically identify and pursue cost savings in your supply chain.
  • Benchmarking, reports and analytics – Using 14 different key supply chain metrics, THIS can tell you how your supply chain conforms to industry best practices and generate reports that make progress toward your cost-saving goals more transparent.
  • Price negotiation – THIS continues to develop close relationships with many tier-one manufacturers as well as regional and local distributors, allowing us to find direct, cost-to-cost savings on your MRO products.
  • Purchasing services – With our team handling all procurement for your indirect materials, your purchasing staff is free to focus on reducing the costs of your raw materials.
  • E-catalog – By creating a unified e-catalog where all of your sites can order a broad range of MRO products for the same price, THIS both simplifies your procurement process and lowers the cost of your supplies.

In addition to our supply chain services, THIS also offers a range of inventory control systems. From streamlining your current inventory to deploying RFID tracking solutions, our services can help reduce the total cost of ownership for your indirect materials. When these commodity management solutions are combined with our lean supply chain solutions, we can deliver a comprehensive cost savings program that is guaranteed to save up to 25 percent on your MRO costs.

To learn more about THIS’s supply chain services, contact us today. We’re proud to serve the needs of global businesses, with offices serving the U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe.