Supply Chain Management and Other Cost-Saving Programs Available on a Global Scale from THIS

supply chain managementTurtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) offers reliable supply chain management and other MRO services that deliver to your bottom line. Our highly skilled MRO team has extensive experience developing effective, integrated MRO supply programs, giving us the ability to deliver Comprehensive Savings solutions to customers in a variety of industries. After thoroughly benchmarking your business practices, we can identify a range of initiatives that are strategically targeted to enhance your MRO program and then implement them using our highly experienced teams. As experts in proven methodologies such as Six Sigma, 5S and Lean, THIS will guarantee you total savings of up to 25 percent over the course of your purchasing and supply management contract.

These savings are not theoretical reductions in operating costs, but direct cost reductions on the price of your critical MRO products. As part of our purchasing services, our company leverages relationships with global manufacturers as well as leading tier one vendors on the national, regional and local levels to negotiate the lowest price for our customers. We’ll also use our procurement services to drive prompt, just-in-time deliveries that help you maintain a low total cost of ownership for your MRO supplies. THIS even provides e-procurement tools that allow customers with multiple sites to receive the same low price on their supplies across all their locations.

In addition to supply chain management, THIS’s Comprehensive Savings programs can incorporate many other aspects of the MRO process, including:

  • Piece price reduction
  • Inventory reduction
  • Transaction management
  • Asset care
  • Warranty and repair services
  • Automation
  • With additional Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

For more information on our supply chain management services, inventory management services and all other facets of our Comprehensive Savings program, contact THIS today.