Supply Chain Management Solutions Developed by the Experts at Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) is the leading provider of effective supply chain management solutions to businesses across a broad range of industries. Our highly experienced team of Certified Purchasing Managers (CPM), Certified Project Managers (PMP) and MRO supply chain professionals can thoroughly analyze your current program to identify weaknesses in your supply chain, and then address them through our range of services that are customized to bring the greatest value to our customer. Whether you’re responsible for a single facility or an Enterprise across the Globe, our team can provide the reliable services you need.

Some of the many different methods of supply chain optimization that our team can employ include:

  • National pricing strategy – We can directly negotiate lower prices on the supplies you use through our relationships with many manufacturers and provide consistent pricing to all of your facilities.
  • Freight management – Our team will determine the most reliable and efficient logistics providers who can ensure on-time deliveries to prevent stock-outs and reduce exceptional freight costs.
  • Purchasing services – By optimizing your purchasing, we can better control cash flow for your business.
  • Inventory control and management – engaging the supply side and identifying the right parts for your operation in order to reduce risk and lower on-hand inventories, improving cash flow for your operation.

Our professionals can also aid in storeroom management, inventory management, and warranty and repair management, providing comprehensive costs savings on your indirect materials. In fact, THIS can guarantee savings of up to 25 percent of your total costs throughout the course of your contract with a combination of our purchasing and supply management services. We will also provide the supply chain data collection and management tools needed to make your supply chain transparent, and provide clear reports that let you see progress toward your goals.

To find out more about THIS and our supply chain management solutions for businesses throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, contact us today. You can also use our online tool to receive an estimate on the potential savings we can find for you.