Get the Best Supply Chain Management Software Tuned to Your Business with Help from THIS

Having the right supply chain management software can significantly enhance your business’s ability to control MRO costs. At Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply, our highly skilled business development professionals are familiar with a range of applications and processes that can provide companies with the right set of tools they need to ensure a more optimized and transparent supply chain. Having worked with companies in many different industries with sizes ranging from local manufacturers to multinational conglomerates, our team can identify the best combination of software, business processes and metrics to suit your company’s supply chain goals and objectives.

After thoroughly analyzing your business, we implement and operate the ideal suite of supply chain software to aid in:

  • Procurement
  • Work management
    • Asset performance
    • Total Cost of Asset (TCA)
      • Labor
      • Materials
      • Work
    • Work Management
      • Preventive maintenance
      • Predictive maintenance
      • Corrective work
      • Reactive work
  • Business intelligence
    • Vendor scorecards
    • KPI tracking
    • Material cost savings
    • Dashboard metrics

Ensuring that all of our clients’ supply chain software is properly integrated to store data in a consistent, standardized format allows us to offer a range of effective, data-driven solutions that lower the total cost of ownership of MRO supplies. After using this information to identify your supply chain’s weaknesses, we can develop a variety of Six Sigma programs and Lean process improvement that deliver guaranteed cost savings throughout your MRO program, often as much as 25 percent. Our reliable information design also allows us to provide clear performance metrics that demonstrate progress towards your goals. With this kind of transparency, you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to clearly see the ROI from our solutions.

For more information on the types of supply chain management software that THIS can offer, contact our sales team today.