Supply Chain Data Management Supporting MRO Programs for Global Enterprises from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

supply chain data managementAs integrated supply experts, Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) places supply chain data management at the core of a wide variety of MRO services. Our team has extensive experience in collecting and structuring data on indirect material supply programs for global businesses throughout a wide range of industries. We understand how to manage our customers’ data, distilling it into clear, accurate and actionable information that decision makers can rely on when managing operations and planning future improvements. By making data the foundation of all our services and constantly tracking a range of key data points, we’re able to provide both the transparency that businesses need throughout their operations to set attainable goals and reliably monitor progress towards them.

THIS data management services will put infrastructure in place to gather and process information in a variety of categories, including:

Using this information, our highly experienced team of integrated supply management professionals can develop a customized cost-saving plan for your MRO program. Our comprehensive supply chain services optimize processes ranging from procurement to storeroom operations, delivering real savings to your bottom line. We can guarantee up to 25% savings over the course of our contract, including direct cost-to-cost savings on your indirect materials. You’ll also receive regular updates based on the data we collect, which will allow you to clearly see where your savings come from and identify strategic improvements that can further reduce your MRO costs.

For more information on our supply chain data management services, contact THIS today. We proudly serve businesses worldwide.