Supply Chain Analysis from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply Delivers the Information You Need to Reduce MRO Costs

supply chain analysisA supply chain analysis from the professionals at Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) will provide the information you need to find cost savings in your MRO program. Using a systematic approach, we can benchmark your current MRO supply processes and help you determine how they align with current industry best practices. We can also help you develop robust tracking systems for the key performance metrics of your procurement operations and vendors. Leveraging the data from this supply chain analysis, we can help you set achievable goals for cost reduction in the acquisition of your MRO goods and services and monitor your progress towards them.

In addition to supply chain analysis, our company can provide analytics and reports on many other segments of your MRO program, including:

  • Storeroom operations
  • Inventory management
  • Asset care, industrial repair and warranty service
  • Comprehensive savings programs
  • And more

With this information, our supply chain team can develop programs that deliver to your bottom line. THIS’s skilled inventory analyst and seasoned procurement teams have the applicable resources and industry experience needed to develop solutions that streamline your MRO supply chain. With the time-consuming task of procuring MRO supplies in our hands, your purchasing team can focus on the direct materials that matter most to your business. We can also aid in reducing your inventory exposure by utilizing such business methodologies as Six Sigma, LEAN and 5S to improve your on-site inventory position. THIS can even leverage relationships with tier one sources to get the lowest possible pricing on a range of best-in-class products from leading manufacturers, providing cost-to-cost savings on your indirect supplies. Through our reports and supply chain analytics, you will be able to clearly see how these services are saving your business money both directly and indirectly, and helping you achieve your strategic goals.

To learn more about how a supply chain analysis from THIS can provide you with the reports and analytics you require to improve your operations, contact us today.