RFID Tracking Can Enhance Your Business’s Control of MRO Equipment

Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) can deploy RFID tracking systems for your business’s MRO tools and equipment, providing you with the management controls and information necessary to utilize your resource more strategically. As a CribMaster dealer, we offer feature-rich tool cribs and industrial vending systems that are designed from the ground up to support your unique needs. These systems can be adopted quickly with little training; employees simply swipe their badges or enter a PIN code, retrieve the RFID-tagged item they need and the system automatically registers the transaction. Failure to return a tool or attempting to remove a tool without the proper authority will alert the appropriate managers, ensuring your business can easily enforce usage policies while significantly reducing the labor required for tool management.

THIS’s RFID tracking solutions can also extend beyond storeroom and industrial vending systems, utilizing receivers strategically placed throughout your facility to locate tools while in use. This can be especially helpful where foreign object debris (FOD) is a concern, and allow all businesses to ensure that tools are being properly utilized for authorized projects to prevent premature wear. Our CribMaster systems are also highly scalable with centralized data warehousing capabilities, giving decision makers an important, enterprise-wide view of their how their tools and MRO equipment are being used.

In addition to providing RFID tracking systems, THIS offers many other ways to aid global businesses in controlling their indirect materials, including:

To find out more about the benefits of an RFID tool tracking system for your business, contact THIS today. We’re proud to offer comprehensive cost-saving solutions for global businesses.