Purchasing and Supply Management Solutions Designed for Global Businesses

Purchasing and supply management operations can be a large drain on resources for businesses, especially those operating multiple, widely dispersed facilities. Finding reliable suppliers in various regions and managing relationships with them can take up the bulk of the workload on your purchasing staff.  And, without a dedicated supply room manager, you may frequently have issues with missing tools, hoarding, disorganization and other issues that impact your ability to operate efficiently. Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) helps global businesses strategically tackle these challenges by offering a comprehensive range of supply chain management solutions.

Some of the many different purchasing and supply chain management services that we can provide to help you address inefficiency in your MRO program include:

  • Data management and benchmarking – Knowing where you need to improve is the most important part of designing programs to improve your business. By structuring data and comparing it to your industry’s ideal, we can help you identify the right problems to tackle first.
  • Supplier management – THIS has worked extensively with tier-one supply manufacturers, giving us the power to directly negotiate lower prices on indirect materials for our clients. We can also help you track vendor performance and find companies that will provide just-in-time deliveries to minimize your inventory costs.
  • Storeroom management – By analyzing how your supplies are used, we can create an optimal storeroom layout based on lean principles to help keep materials organized and readily accessible. We can also provide RFID/vending inventory control systems, for remote management of sites.
  • Warranty and repair management – Our team can maximize the value you extract from your tools and assets by monitoring and controlling warranty and repair services.

Whichever supply chain management consulting services you require, THIS will clearly spell out the goals of your project and regularly provide you with clear reports that demonstrate progress toward them. With our comprehensive saving solution we can guarantee savings of up to 25 percent of your MRO budget, much of which comes from direct, price-to-price reductions on the cost of your supplies.

For more information on our purchasing and supply chain management services, contact THIS today. You can also use our online tool to get an estimate of the savings we could find for your company.