MRO Procurement Services from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply Can Save Your Businesses Money

procurement servicesBusinesses all over the world save money every day thanks to procurement services from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS). By having our experienced MRO professionals audit, optimize, manage and automate your procurement processes, you can eliminate thousand of transaction fail points, reduce the cost of your supplies and free your purchasing staff to focus on reducing the cost of your raw materials. Our extensive experience in global supply management for businesses throughout many industries using best-in-class processes make us the ideal partner to help you lower your MRO costs.

Some of the many advantages our procurement services provide to businesses include:

  • On-site procurement managers who can handle all requisition-to-payable transactions
  • Shorter lead times from supply chain optimization and automated ordering systems
  • Direct, cost-to-cost savings on supplies from more than 10,000 vendors
  • Analytics and reports on vendors and your supply chain that make costs more visible
  • And more

When receiving our procurement and purchasing services as part of our comprehensive saving program, you can expect to see up to 25 percent lower costs on your indirect materials. You’ll also enjoy enhanced efficiency in your operations allowing you to utilize resources more strategically and clearer business intelligence providing reliable indication of progress towards you goals. With a team whose key members bring over 150 years of combined experience, you can rest assured our supply chain management services will deliver the results you need.

To find out more about our procurement services, contact Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply today.