MRO Procurement Services Available from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

MRO procurementMRO procurement is often a time-consuming process, involving thousands of low-value transactions that take up valuable labor from your staff. If your resources are spread thin trying to negotiate on both direct and indirect materials, turn to the experts at Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS). With our professionals handling your procurement and purchasing services, you can focus on the important sourcing of your raw materials.

Some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy by relying on THIS’s MRO and supply chain procurement solutions include:

  • Customized site-by-site plans with dedicated purchasing professionals, centralized resources, vendor managed inventories and other solutions for each location according to its unique needs
  • Access to millions products from more than 10,000 different manufacturers, with more being added regularly
  • Low prices since THIS can leverage relationships direct with the manufacturers, as well as, with national, regional and local distribution to make your MRP procurement solution the lowest cost provided in the industry
  • E-catalog services that allow even your smallest site to order supplies at the same low rates as your largest ones

In addition to solutions for MRO procurement, we can design comprehensive savings programs that can save your business money throughout your entire MRO program. After benchmarking your current performance, we’ll plan and implement strategic supply management programs to optimize your inventory, storeroom management, warranty and repair services, internal distribution and other processes. We’ll also optimize your supply chain data management processes, providing clear information to decision makers on the progress towards your goals, allowing you to clearly see the benefits of our services for yourself.

To learn more about our MRO procurement services, and other solutions, contact us today.