Inventory Management Systems Designed by Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

Well designed inventory management systems not only allow businesses to operate efficiently but also help keep costs under control. Unfortunately, many businesses are unaware of where their inventory controls are underperforming, which is where Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) can help. Our team can utilize their extensive experience in indirect materials management to benchmark your company’s performance and develop a solution to address any weaknesses found.

Two of the key inventory management systems we frequently address are asset tracking and control systems. Combining these with our storeroom and vending technology is often an effective way to enhance both aspects of inventory management. They can provide a range of benefits, such as secure, passive tool issues and even active tool tracking throughout your facility.

Warranty and repair tracking is another often overlooked aspect of supply inventory management where businesses tend to lose money. Making sure that assets are properly cared for and that warranties are fully utilized can frequently prevent companies from needing to purchase replacement tools. Through our experience managing MRO equipment and partnerships with leading repair firms, we can ensure that you extract the greatest possible value from your assets.

Inventory control systems are only part of the many aspects of your indirect materials program that we can address, which also include:

  • Purchasing services
  • Freight management
  • National pricing strategy
  • Contract compliance
  • Quality management
  • Vendor relations
  • Project management

For more information on THIS and the supply chain and inventory management systems we design, contact us today. Our team of supply chain consultants is ready to provide an estimate on the savings we can provide.