Comprehensive Integrated Supply Management Solutions Available from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

Choosing an integrated supply management service is a beneficial alternative to managing your own Indirect Materials program, which can be very costly and time-consuming.  Not to mention, MRO operations are rarely a true core-competency for any manufacturer of goods, facility management company, school/government operation, or other business. By turning your MRO supply chain over to the professionals at Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS), you can save up to 25 percent on your indirect materials. We use a comprehensive, data-driven approach and proven processes to strategically target savings in every aspect of your MRO program. In fact, we guarantee the savings in our contracts, so you can rest assured that you’ll see clear results when you turn to us for global supply management.

Our integrated supply management services cover many areas of your program, including:

  • Procurement – Our purchasing staff can negotiate and manage vendor relationships to directly lower the cost of your supplies and improve supplier performance. We can also provide e-procurement tools to allow your smaller sites to benefit from these savings as well.
  • Inventory – By shrinking and optimizing your inventory, we’ll lower costs and improve cash flow for your indirect materials. We’ll also manage warranties and repairs to extract the greatest value from your assets for the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Storeroom operations – Our professionals can optimize how your supplies are stored, ensuring efficient access. These solutions can also include advanced RFID asset tracking systems that provide a range of additional feature as well.
  • Supply chain data management – We’ll help you capture the data you’ll need to make strategic decisions regarding your MRO supply chain and structure it so that you can easily extract the information you want.

Throughout the course of your integrated supply management contract, we’ll provide regular updates on your progress. Our reports are always transparent, useable and verifiable, so you’ll be able to clearly see real progress towards your goals.

For more information on our integrated supply management services, contact THIS today.