Industrial Vending Machine Solutions for Global Businesses Deployed by Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

While it’s easy to utilize an industrial supply vending machine in a given facility, finding and designing a system that can scale to meet the needs of a modern, global business can be more challenging. Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) specializes in creating comprehensive MRO solutions for these kinds of organizations, and we utilize powerful CribMaster inventory control systems for customers interested in industrial vending. The THIS inventory control system is highly scalable to suit the needs of larger businesses, and can connect with a broad range of point of use (POU) devices allowing for flexible deployment in a variety of facilities.

Its powerful software tracks supply levels and MRO tools, using RFID technology to sense when these latter items are taken. Employees simply use an RFID badge or PIN code on the industrial vending machine and are able to access the products they need. Managers can set item quantity limits and tool access restrictions, giving your business exceptional control over how supplies are utilized. The vending machines and tool cribs can also be centrally managed from a single point, allowing for inventory control over multiple, widely spread facilities.

Your THIS inventory management solution can provide more than simple control over an industrial supply MRO vending machine, with other features including:

  • Inventory monitoring
  • Consignment tracking
  • Order generation and optimization
  • Budget monitoring
  • Supply chain reporting
  • Asset performance management

To find out more about industrial vending machine solutions from THIS, contact us today. We have offices serving the U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Asia.