E-Procurement Tools from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

e-procurementIf you’re managing a global business with sites in varying locations and sizes, then e-procurement from Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) can help you realize significant savings on the cost of your critical MRO products. We provide your company with access to our convenient, on-line e-procurement portal, which allows any site you operate to directly order industrial supplies at any time for the same contracted price. Our e-procurement system is also connectable to many of the industry’s top procurement and supply chain management software, such as Ariba, COUPA and SAP, making implementation easy. Along with being convenient, our e-procurement system can help you achieve direct savings on your bottom line since THIS negotiates directly with global manufacturers and leading, tier-one MRO vendors around the globe to find the best prices for your MRO products.

E-procurement is just one of several supply chain management services THIS offers, including:

  • Benchmarking
  • Vendor relations
  • Transaction management
  • Demand management
  • Logistics management
  • RFID and vending distribution control
  • Data management
  • And more

Our team of procurement specialists, program managers, and inventory specialists and other MRO experts has the extensive experience needed to rapidly identify strategic, achievable goals for your MRO program and develop reliable initiatives to realize them. In fact, we can guarantee a total savings of as much as 25 percent on the costs of your materials through our comprehensive, cost-saving supply chain solutions. THIS supplies clear reports and analytics throughout the course of your contract, so you always have a reliable indication of progress toward your goals and can clearly see the evolution of your MRO program.

For more information on e-procurement and other solutions from THIS, contact our company today.