Automated Inventory Management Solutions Deployed by Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply

If your business is in need of a convenient automated inventory management solution, then you can rely on Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS). As an authorized CribMaster distributor, we can design and implement an effective solution that enhances your control over indirect materials and provides outstanding MRO tracking capabilities. THIS can help you select the ideal CribMaster point of use devices for your facility, determine how to deploy them for optimum accessibility and efficiency, and set up the backend software to make controlling your new MRO supply and tool vending system easy.

Some of the many features you can enjoy with a CribMaster automated inventory management system from THIS include:

  • RFID asset tracking capabilities for tools and equipment
  • Item quantity and tool access limits
  • Consignment tracking for integrated supply programs
  • Budget monitoring with cost accounting tools
  • Stock level alerts
  • Automated order generation
  • Asset tracking management

THIS also offers a number of other services to aid you in managing your inventory of indirect materials. We can provide comprehensive storeroom management services, optimizing the layout of your supplies and providing on-site storeroom managers to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. We’ll also aid in purchasing management, taking the burden of thousands of small transactions away from your procurement staff and leveraging our relationships to find direct cost-to-cost savings on your MRO supplies. Combined, these and our other MRO services can drive real savings to your business’s bottom line. In fact, we’ll guarantee up to a 25 percent reduction in MRO costs over the course of your contract.

To learn more about CribMaster automated inventory management systems and other solutions from THIS, contact us today.