Annual Integrated Meeting (AIM)

Foxwoods Resorts, Ledyard, CT, October 3-5, 2014

Over 100 Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) site buyers and managers; directors of field operations; corporate support staff; and members of the executive team gathered in Connecticut for a weekend of recognition, learning, and collaboration.  The theme of the first Annual Integrated Meeting (AIM) was Continuous Improvement.

AIM For Success

Over the weekend, outstanding employees were recognized for their contributions to a 36 percent growth rate at THIS in year. Award recipients included:

  • Bull’s Eye:  Tammy Hoeft, Honeywell, Freeport, Illinois.
  • Buyer of the Year:  Chris Nelms, Johnson & Johnson Ethicon, San Angelo, Texas.
  • Operational Excellence:  THIS Site Team, Hitchiner Manufacturing, New Hampshire.
  • Team Player of the Year:  Joe Gill,  Hamden, Connecticut.

“We are here to be the best people we can be and to grow the company together. We are all owners and champions of our future.” Jayne Millard, CEO

“This conference is about our best assets – the people that serve our clients onsite all over the US – in Canada – in Puerto Rico – and, as of last week, in Mexico.” Michael DeVoney, President

“THIS is recognizing the strength of our company and the people in the field for the hard work they do.” Jerry Suttles, Director of Field Operations

“Turtle & Hughes isn’t about electrical distribution or any other line of business.  It’s about Ideas and People.” Suzanne Millard, Chairman of the Board

“I remember in the mid-’90s when we acquired an industrial supply company and began this venture.  Now look at all of you and see how we have grown and made progress.  Have a wonderful meeting and get to work!” Frank Millard, Vice Chairman of the Board


AIM For Stronger Partnerships

Strengthening vendor partnerships and providing a forum for learning and discovery was the goal of the Vendor Showcase.  About 35 vendors set up shop on Saturday morning.  The conference format encouraged one-on-one discussions with key supply partners. The outcome was the continued development of significant growth opportunities at all of our enterprise clients. The Vendor Showcase also provided an opportunity to recognize our partners at an annual awards presentation.

  • Supplier of the Year: Class C Solutions Group
  • Most Improved Supplier:  Radwell International, Inc.

“Our relationships with our
suppliers are important because
you are mentors
to our people in the field.”  Jayne Millard, CEO

“We are so honored that these partners have embraced  THIS and our business model.  The future for all our supply partners is nothing less than exceptional.” Tim Houghton, Vice President, Strategic Procurement

“By means of site engagement, team motivation and advocacy of training, Tim Houghton has helped re-establish our cooperative sales growth and end user services. To this end, we will finish the second consecutive year with double-digit growth, returning to a partnership we have not enjoyed in over a decade!” Valdis “Val” Rozentals, National Account Manager for Integration Supply, 3M, who presented THIS with its 2014 Integrator of the Year Award. 

“I feel confident that a majority of your managers see us as a valuable asset to their operation. Maintaining their trust and fulfilling their end user requirements is our overall goal to success.” Bob Bristow, Class C
Solutions Group


AIM For Continuous Improvement

Creating a framework for Continuous Improvement led to a full day of training. Through the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), THIS will systematically address errors and waste within the company and use tools to reduce and eliminate non-compliance.

“CIP is a process, not a program, and certainly not the flavor of the month.” John Carroll, President, Unlimited Performance, Inc., Workshop Facilitator

“Everyone needs to ask themselves: How can I contribute to the Quality Revolution at Turtle?” Michael DeVoney, President

“What CIP means to me: striving for greatness and accepting nothing less.” Mirta Noll, Director of Field Operations


AIM To Collaborate

Site managers from around the country took part in focus groups with their directors of field operations, to share experiences, talk about successes and challenges, and contribute to roundtable discussions all intended to improve teamwork between sites.

“I see that people are having the same issues, but are at different time frames of correcting them.  That means there are a lot of resources, especially for a younger site manager.” Corey Timm, Site Manager, Honeywell ACS

“You approach problems with tenacity.  You are all leaders.  You have a sense of humility that demonstrates that you want to collaborate with your teams.” Jayne Millard, CEO

“This is an invaluable platform for all to collaborate and learn.” Jonathan McLane, Director of Corporate Operations

“By pulling together, and using our new tools to get where we want to be, all of us will improve.  Our customer will improve.  Our revenue will improve.  Our suppliers’ revenues will improve.  And we can all grow within our industry.” Michael DeVoney, President