Who is THIS

Value Proposition

For over 20 years, THIS has proven its leadership in the industrial supply market by partnering with many FORTUNE 500 companies to reduce their total cost of ownership. We provide world-class programs that continually achieve significant cost savings. Through tailored solutions, our customers benefit from our vast experience; high level of service; improved process efficiencies; superior product support; and in-depth data analysis.

  • Material Savings for Indirect Material
  • Data Quality/Control
  • Procurement Services
  • Inventory Management – Risk Mitigation
  • Transaction Management Procure-to-Pay
  • Storeroom Management Operations
  • Technical Support on Products and Services
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Automation / Vending
  • E-Catalog

Integrated Supply Models

THIS offers to the marketplace several customized solutions to meet any size business that exists today. The following is a list of the Integrated Supply Models we provide. Each model is tailored to fit your needs and is supported by a Director of Corporate Operations.

Full-Service Solution

  • Enterprise ModelOn-site service designed to suit multi-site organizations
    • Program Manager
    • Site Manager
    • Expert Buyers
    • Storeroom Associates
    • Technology Solutions
    • Software Applications
  • Full-Service Storeroom OperationOn-site staff to support stand alone organizations
    • Site Manager
    • Expert Buyer
    • Storeroom Associate
    • Technology Solutions
    • Software Applications
  • Co-Staff Storeroom OperationTHIS and customer staff to support operations
    • Site Manager
    • Expert Buyer
    • Storeroom Support
    • With customer employees,usually union environment
    • Software and Technology Solutions

Shared Service Solution (Typically off-site)

  • Centralized Purchasing ModelCenter-led purchasing solution
    • Centralized Purchasing Staff (off-site)
    • Site Buyer (if required)
    • E-Catalog
  • Small-Site Solution
    • Centralized Purchasing Staff
    • E-Catalog