MRO Integrated Supply – Supply Chain Analysis, Purchasing Services, Inventory Management and Additional Customized Integrated Supply Solutions for Global Businesses

integrated supplyTurtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) helps global businesses achieve significant cost savings in their MRO programs through a range of targeted services. Our company has developed effective integrated supply operations for more than 20 years and our leadership has more than 150 years of combined experience. We employ highly trained MRO program professionals who provide cost-saving solutions for your MRO program through effective inventory andsupply chain management. In fact, we guarantee total cost savings up to 25 percent through our comprehensive savings programs.

Starting with a thorough supply chain analysis, THIS will benchmark your business’s supply processes to see how they conform to established industry-best practices. Leveraging this data, we can identify strategic improvements in your supply chain management processes to lower the total cost of ownership for your indirect products. THIS can also provide MRO transaction management through our purchasing services, which allows your staff to focus on lowering your direct material costs. As a vendor-neutral integrated supply company, THIS has forged relationships with many global manufacturers and tier 1 vendors in the MRO industry, which means we can acquire MRO materials at their lowest prices. THIS also offers an e-procurement catalog with hundreds of thousands of SKUs that businesses can utilize to receive the same low cost on MRO products at every facility, regardless of location or size.

Inventory Management Improvements through Storeroom Management, Advanced Tool Cribs, Industrial Repair Services and Other Integrated Supply Solutions

integrated supplyImproving inventory management is another key element in our Comprehensive Savings program. THIS can immediately stop the growth of your inventory, burn off excess and dispose of unneeded MRO stock, creating a sustainable inventory and increasing your cash flow. We’ll also develop storeroom improvements that help your company operate more efficiently. These solutions may incorporate advanced tool cribs, utilizing technology such as barcoding and/or RFID tagging to create self-service storerooms and MRO vending systems strategically placed throughout your facility to improve controls, compliance, and product availability. We can also provide enhanced warranty and industrial repair services that will extend the life of critical MRO equipment and industrial machinery to reduce overall capital expenditures.

With clear reports and analysis provided for all these supply chains, purchasing and inventory management services powered by THIS, you’ll be able to see how our integrated supply solutions improve your bottom line. For more information, or to find out the potential cost savings to your MRO program, contact THIS today.

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